Are you interested in a position as a full-time employee, apprentice, intern,
or freelancer? ipi is always looking for people who enjoy testing new products
and providing constructive feedback. Apply for a job with ipi today.
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ipi can help you become a qualified specialist in market and social research
or a laboratory technician. Both educations provide a solid foundation
for a successful business career. Apply for an apprenticeship at ipi today. 
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Do you want to conduct independent opinion surveys for international companies
in the electronics, cosmetics, travel, media, or food industries? With ipi, you can
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Are you a student completing a basic or advanced study program with a focus
on market research, engineering or home economics and want to put your knowledge to the test? Or are you looking for an on-the-job training within your apprenticeship? Then apply for an internship at ipi!

Good knowledge of German language is necessary to apply for a job at ipi. For more details please refer to the German website!